The Final Footage


 Not having anywhere to drive has been a huge challenge for me, and I haven’t coped very well. In fact, I haven’t coped at all, I went into total denial and threw myself into sifting through hours of footage. I resent waking up in a comfortable bed and not in my smelly tent, I find three course meals ridiculous and I miss eating only rice and tomatoes.


Trying to give friends and family a picture of our day to day life as well as illustrating our (subjectively) amazing stories has been really tough. How do you describe waking up with zebra outside your tent or in the middle of a desert? How do you describe washing out of a bucket in the pouring rain or drinking 9 litres of water a day in a near sand-storm? Driving 22 hours in a row without a meal? Breaking down in weird and wonderful places? Playing with a baby elephant?


Almost a month after the end of the adventure of a lifetime, I sit huddled by the fire with 3 jumpers on, back to where I first started picturing Lindikhaya.

Now I can offer something a little more tangible, here it is:

20,000km, 11 countries, 4 months, countless memories.



I hope this puts images to the words of this blog, and that it convinces the last of you still waiting to donate. We are so close to the £2000 mark and I hope this video is shared far and wide for the sake of Tusk and Corner of Hope.

Over and Out.


Nuance Communications, Inc.




Nuance Communications, Inc.

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3 thoughts on “The Final Footage

  1. Well – that is how the young people travel – at speed! Wow: I cried, and I laughed – most of all at hero tree-lifting Emma! Travelling at speed as we were, the change of road side and alarming number of obstructions from man and beast was hair-raising! Oh it is wonderful to have you back safe and sound and how much we are enjoying hearing the previously unpublished stories! Clarinda

  2. I’ve just had the most hair raising ride on the bonnet of Mulungu, what amazes me is that you seem to know where you are going !! My poor darlings you must have the most awful withdrawal symptoms, now you are back to drab old European winter, I can always fix up a smelly tent in the garden for you !! I can’t wait to see you and listen to all your wonderful tales around the campfire, the weeks will be drab for us too without the sunshine of your brilliantly written blogs…. … Toodlepip and over and out….

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