And how are you getting there?


One of the main participants of the trip recently announced that a compass was useless, as it only points North, “and what if you want to go South?” Well that’s exactly our plan, to go South (she won’t be map-reading).

Again, we’re really not being very inventive, we’ve gone for all the classics:

We’re doing it in a battered old Defender that we’ve found on the internet, we’re adding a few gadgets to it for some home comforts (cooking equipment etc) and some to just look badass (a snorkel).

"White Boy"

Overland Expedition Material – Mulungu

At this stage, our only option is to ship the vehicle directly to Egypt, and fly to Cairo to start the journey directly there, heading down the Nile to Lake Nasser. The ferry will take us to Wadi Halfa in Sudan, where we will stay clear of the border with South Sudan for obvious reasons and aim for friendlier Ethiopia. Following through into Kenya where we have many projects to visit, we will take a little detour around Lake Victoria into Uganda and Rwanda before reaching the remote Western part of Tanzania. Then it’s (hopefully) plain sailing down Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana to finally arrive in South Africa.

itinerary map africa

Africa Overland



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8 thoughts on “And how are you getting there?

    • Yes we are definitely hoping to drive through Malawi, it’s been on our bucket-list for far too long to miss it! Hopefully we will be there around November this year, so let’s stay in touch!

  1. Hey Emma and Tristan…which part of your trip can Louise and I join you on? Tristan and Louise can continue their riding relationship whilst Emma and I can sip cocktails by the pool….must support the Godaughter!! Love Christopher

  2. This is amazing – good luck! I am a South African student at QM and will be in Cape Town with my boyfriend late December for a 3 week holiday. If you’re there then we should def all meet up for a drink and celebrate your achievement!

    • Hi Tasmyn, good to see there are other SA nationals at QM! We should definitely meet up in CT, definitely keep in touch over that! Thanks for the support and please like our FB page to stay updated and see that we do actually make it all the way!

  3. All the best with the trip. When in Zimbabwe go to Chipangali WildlifeOrphanage Just outside Bulawayo. If you get to go there try to speak to Kevin or Nicki Wilson who own and run the place, and tell them Ken Walden says Hi. Safe travels, Africa is my birhtplace and will always be a special place.

    • Thank you very much Ken, always handy to have names and places to aim for, very much appreciated. I hope you’ll continue to follow our progress to keep on feeling like you’re there with us!

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