But who’s going?


Who – in this frantically demanding world – commits four months to a trip down Africa?

That’s not the right question. It’s not it at all… It starts with a dream, Emma’s African dream.

The rich rolling hills of Aberdeenshire will always be home for Emma, but many youngsters growing up in the mist develop an unexplainable pull to Africa and its fantastic fauna. Falling in that category and combining it with a natural penchant for teaching, Emma went on to become a Montessori teacher and yoga instructor. With a very holistic approach learnt during her AMI Montessori training, Emma hopes to gain a better understanding of African affairs to eventually play her part in educational based community work with her usual contagious enthusiasm.

Read more about Emma here.


South Africa

On the other side of such a dream is a more pragmatic realisation that now is the time to go on such an adventure.

Tristan, the wannabe actor turned mathematician, was looking for a new challenge to take on between graduation in June and the start of professional life in January 2015, Lindikhaya was the perfect road-trip. Lucky enough to grow up in the French country-side, Tristan nurtured a deep sense of belonging to South Africa – his mother’s birthplace – eventually turning it into a longing to set up camp there on a more permanent basis than he usually does.

Read more about Tristan here.


The two of us will be there from start to finish, but there will some guest appearances as people will join us for legs of the journey. Worry not, they will be introduced to you in time, more to come on this later.

follow us @lindikhayafrica

follow us @lindikhayafrica




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