Wait, what are you talking about?


Lindikhaya is the story of a 20 year old Land Rover Defender called Mulungu on a journey down Africa.

It is a story written by its passengers, for the sake of all those of you back home whom we didn’t manage to fit in the boot. It is not about us, it is about what we see. Of course we’ll entertain you with the odd funny anecdote, but we are only here to be the link.

In September 2014, we will take on this challenge to raise awareness and funds for Tusk, a charity concerned about conservation, and Educateurs Sans Frontières, a division of the Association Montessori International, in particular its Corner of Hope project (HERE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT MONTESSORI).

This will be the archetypal overland drive across Africa, with no pretense of being the first to do it in a particular way. We don’t know better,  we follow the book. No being clever,  this will be a classic road trip, in a classic vehicle on a classic route. However, we will seek a more authentic Africa by getting off the track beaten by overlanders over the years, steering away from the tarmac as much as possible. With the help of some wonderful people who have recently chosen the less busy road, we hope to get more of a feel for real Africa.

Here the emphasis will not be on our personal exploits like winching ourselves out of bogs or sandpits, our focus will be on sharing our charities’ achievements, goals and setbacks. We will bring depth and analysis to the work being done for conservation and communities in Africa, highlighting projects seeking self-sufficiency and sustainable growth and encouraging others needing support.

To this end, we will use all means such as social media, visual media, word-of-mouth media, anything good enough to expose this adventure, we will be flooding your news feeds and email inboxes so please be that annoying friend who DOES forward on that information to keep the ball rolling!



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